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Highly Nutritious Cattle Feed Additives

  • Copper, zinc and manganese are essential nutrients for ruminant production.

  • Copper supports joint health, blood cells, immunity, fertility and proper iron metabolism in ruminants.

  • Zinc contributes to making protein, vitamin A utilisation, fertility and skin health.

  • Manganese contributes to healthy bone and cartilage, enzymes, immunity and fertility.

  • Our additives' strong chemical bonds and unique crystalline structure limits interactions with antagonists in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, minerals are protected and more are available for absorption by the animal in the small intestine.

  • Compared to sulfates, our additives are designed to have ideal reactivity to avoid destructive interactions and promote availability, driving optimised performance and productivity.

  • Low rumen reactivity means our additives minimise the amount of free trace minerals in the rumen, as free trace minerals can be toxic to rumen microbes including fiber digesting bacteria.

  • Our additives' low rumen reactivity and slow release of trace minerals in the lower gastrointestinal tract minimises the risk of binding to antagonists

  • Our additives are protected from antagonists in the rumen as a result of their low water solubility.

  • Our additives are more resistant to leaching than inorganic or organic sources of trace minerals.

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