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Highly Nutritious Poultry Feed Additives

  • Copper, zinc and manganese are essential nutrients for poultry production.

  • Copper functions as a component in many critical enzyme systems, and have been shown to optimise growth performance and feed efficiency when fed at higher nutritional concentrations.

  • Zinc helps to optimise immune function, skin and bone integrity, reproduction and bird growth and efficiency.

  • Zinc accomplishes these objectives by meeting the physiological needs of the bird following its absorption in the intestinal tract.

  • Manganese supports - among other things - structural development and integrity and nervous system function.

  • Minimises degradation (oxidation) of essential nutrients, such as vitamins and fats

  • Avoids binding with other critical feed constituents such as Ca, P and amino acids.

  • Exclusive particle technology creates uniform particles to makes easy to handle and blend while reducing dust

  • Are non-hygroscopic so no clumping.

  • Better quality eggshells.

  • Support egg quality in terms of eggshell thickness and breaking strength demonstrated over birds fed other sources of trace minerals

  • Can help with egg production as well as feed conversion

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